Monday, June 25, 2018

Non Compos Mentis - Smile When You Hate

Label: Wonderdrug
Year: 1997

I'm getting old, or dementia is setting in, or I've had one too many concussive head traumas, cause I swear we posted this record some time back. But I looked in the archives, and lo, I don't see it.
So, let's forget what we forgot and see it now. Here.
Burlington, Vermont band Non Compos Mentis came and went with little fanfare, but left a legacy of burled, sludgy noise rock that came out of the same Tortuga Records / Hydra Head family tree that brought you Scissorfight, Millgram, Quitter, Roadsaw, and Cable. A lot like Cable really. Mean and nasty and unrepentant in their actions. Seemingly uninterested in being "pleasant", or "sweet". Your basic, garden variety dirtbags essentially.
They dressed in all orange jumpsuit things to boot. For fun.
Members were/are/shall some day be in; Drowningman, 52, and The Cancer Conspiracy


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