Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hey Colossus - II

Label: Jonson Family / Shifty
Year: 2005

A run through of this record will either leave you feeling drained from the punishing weight and relentless pounding, or quietly rejuvenated from the....uhhhhh...warm droning weight and near meditative...ummmm...pounding.
Guess it depends on your mood.
And to be fair, it's really equal parts 5ive-ish slow burning monolithic groove sludge, and blown out stoner punk, with some Part Chimp-y robot rock fuzz. And we shouldn't overlook the Fugazi influence either. And I'd reckon Godflesh too. All that kind of stuff mixed in.
But regardless of comparisons and influences, Hey Colossus will run you down and run you over. Not with their speed, but with their implacable tramble.
Or maybe it's the massage of someone walking on your back?


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