Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sperm Donor - Sleight Coincidence

Label: self released
Year: 2018

I'm a straight shooter, so I'm gonna level with you all; had this record not been sent to us by the band themselves, I would have never given it the time of day. That's just how shallow and stubborn I am. The band name is too juvenile to be taken seriously, and the cover art is some hand drawn...something or other, that gives no indication of what lies within (or worse, gives the wrong indication).
But here we are, together, reading about the new Sperm Donor album.
Because I was too quick to discount this based on my own prejudices (where have I heard that before?), we almost missed out on a legit noise rock ripper. I mean, how would I have known that the band who thought it prudent to name three out of the seven songs on this album as Rolling Stones songs, would come correct with a Hammerhead-ish blue collar bluster like this? Why would you expect me to believe on first glance that Sperm Donor have studied the Amphetamine Reptile playbook down to the letter, and deliver on a caveman-bass lurch-n-roll attack?
Stereotypes are a real time saver, you know?! I can only do what I can! Sue me.

Don't let my obduracy rub off on you (don't let my pubic lice rub off on you either)...don't sleep on the unfortunately named Sperm Donor. Trust me...I have great judgement!


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Anonymous said...

that cover art is ok. made me think of treepeople.

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