Monday, March 26, 2018

MTN ISL - Maybe Sometimes People

Label: self released
Year: 2018

The good news first: There's a new MTN ISL record out, and it fucking rules. Which wasn't a given (the new record part, the ruling part was assumed), as the band has been laying low in the intervening years since their last release.
The bad news second: This new record currently exists as a cassette tape or a digital download. Unless your Sony Walkman is still handy, or you drive a car manufactured between 1979-1993, I'm not sure a tape is doing you much good. But the download sounds that will do until some philanthropist puts up the cash for a vinyl release (Learning Curve? You listening?)

Maybe Sometimes People is an economical display of thunderous rock damage. Big and burly and ugly and direct. Some Pissed Jeans, some Tad, some Lubricated Goat, some Sunglasses (from which this band descended). Nothing is rushed, nothing is frivolous. It's a straight forward, relatively simple approach, but...since when has that been a bad thing. If you got a gnarly gut punch, then simply apply volume and repeat until desired effect. Easy.

Early contender of Album Of The Year.


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