Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Victory Hands and Meat Wave TONIGHT! Atlanta, Get Off Your Ass

Victory Hands, our absolute favorite Richard Nixon based post-hardcore band are playing a rare show. And they’ve made it doubly worth your time by roping Chicago’s finest active band, Meat Wave to headline. And it’s cheap. And it won’t keep you out until all hours of the night.

Get to Kavarna in Oakhurst TONIGHT by 8:00. Bring $4.00...American dollars, thank you very much.

Victory Hands have a new record set to be released in December, which we have had the privilege of heart not already, and assure you, the trusting reader, it’s killer. Full review closervto release date...but trust me, you’ve never heard a better song chronicling Soviet Premiere Kruschev discussing by modern kitchen design. You have the Shiny Grey Monotone Money Back Guarantee on it!

The important thing here though, is if you’re within sight of Stone Mountain, or less than 100 miles from Eats, than you need to be pointed in the direction of this show.

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