Friday, October 27, 2017

breadwinner - 1990 demo

you may remember this band's name being bandied about around here from time to time in reference to bands with names like:
honor role
and that's because they all share members.

and sure.
i could just leave this review with just that.
you probably already know about breadwinner anyway.
but what about those that don't,hmmmmmm?
what about those folks?
those folks might get some enjoyment out this if they dig bands with names like:
don caballero
battles (give their EP C a listen)
crime in choir (give their SELF-TITLED album a go)
lamb of god (when they were known as burn the priest and the NEW AMERICAN GOSPEL. what? you don't know about that album? come on now. you've heard of steve austin,yeah? no. not that steve austin. today is the day steve austin. yeah. that guy. you know what he's all about. he produced that album. he even shows up on the song "terror and hubris in the house of frank pollard" with some vocals. get it on some of that,man. this was before they became pantera. lamb of god. not today is the day. wouldn't that be funny. but that's another rant for another time.)

i've said enough.
you're just going to have to find it out for yourself.
i can only do so much.
and maybe i was just throwing out random bands names.
who knows.
i'll never tell.


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