Friday, September 1, 2017

v/a - in these black days

label: hydra head records
released: 1998

it's black sabbath.
it's bands covering black sabbath.
what more could you want right now?

what's that look all about?
jealousy is a cruel mistress.
you want to play it this way?
could it be that these bands like black sabbath more than you?
who are you?
do you have any songs on black sabbath cover compilations?
does anyone outside of your cat really want to hear your abba influenced cover of "into the void"?
it's a hard road,bro.
but it's going to be ok.
you just need a little more practice.
call in sick for a few days and get it done.

so here we have some black sabbath covers that people want to hear.
even your mom would like these over whatever it is you're doing.
and we know that for a fact.
she mentioned it over breakfast.
she didn't even need to be asked.
"this toast is terrific. yeah. anyone covering black sabbath would be better than that. yes. even this toast. num num numnumnum num numnumnum.".
that was her covering "electric funeral" while eating toast.
it's getting a limited 7" release over in japan.
that's right.
and she's taking your cat out on the road with her.
she'll be touring japan.
it's all been set up.
and you should hear its cover of "paranoid".
aka "purrrrranoid".

where am i going with this?
i'm your new stepdad.

1 - anal cunt - killing yourself to live
2 - anal cunt - it's alright/sabra cadabra
3 - eyehategod - sabbath jam*
4 - brutal truth - cornucopia
5 - converge - snowblind
6 - today is the day - sabbath bloody sabbath
7 - coalesce - supernaut
8 - cavity - into the void
9 - cable - planet caravan
10 - jesuit - hole in the sky
11 - overcast - national acrobat
12 - cave in - n.i.b.
13 - botch - the wizard
14 - neurosis - children in the grave
15 - soilent green - lord of the southern priest**

*=cornucopia/hand of doom/behind the wall of sleep
**=lord of this world/the sign of the southern cross/disturbing the priest


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