Friday, September 1, 2017

black sabbath - live at last

label: NEMS
released: 1980

you don't know you need a 19 minute version of "wicked world" in your life until you hear a 19 minute version of "wicked world".

nuff said.
now get out of my office.
get out.
before the others start talking.
i'm really not wanting to have to endure another "we were just eating lunch. yes. in the janitors closet. yes. the entire afternoon." discussion with my cat.
not again.
now go.
if i give you something out of the lost and found will you get outta here?
not the dokken world tour '87 t-shirt.

1 - tomorrow's dream
2 - sweet leaf
3 - killing yourself to live
4 - cornucopia
5 - snowblind
6 - children of the grave
7 - war pigs
8 - wicked world
9 - paranoid


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