Thursday, September 28, 2017

Scissorfight - Piscataqua

Label: Tortuga
Year: 2000

Bad vibe boogie for dudes who have either; a wood shed, a snowmobile, or are currently banned from at least one of their local bars. The kind of music that should come with a bowie knife...or a spitoon. Dirty, mean, and nasty.
Put it this way, on this seven song ep, four of the songs have the word "fuck" in the title.
But also consider that three of those profanity riddled titles are covers (Dwarves, Dead Kennedys, and GG Allin [naturally]). And for good measure there are also Aerosmith and Nervous Eaters case you're on the fence.
If you like your Nashville Pussy with a sludgy swing to it, then this one will be a big hit at your next (above ground) pool party.


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