Wednesday, September 27, 2017

buzzov*en - 8.8.98 - fireside bowl - chicago,il

i'm a native illinois-ian.
i'd had friends that had been to numerous shows at the fireside bowl.
i'd been offered to be taken along to some of those shows.
i lived about an hour and a half away.
but no.
not me.
i waited until i was living 706 miles away.


the year was 2004.
i'd returned to illinois to visit a friend of mine.
i was living in south dakota at the time.
i'd went to go and see the following bands:
(in order of appearance)
american heritage
burnt by the sun

and in case you're interested....
i'd also made a trip to the bottom lounge to see:
(in order of appearance)
make believe
need new body
it was also the show that had the better turn out.
there was barely anyone at the fireside bowl for that particular show.
i don't know.
i didn't take a headcount.
but i was the only one there with a girl.
me: 1.
everyone else: nothing.

1 - intro/at a loss
2 - a lack of
3 - kakkila
4 - flow
5 - red/green*
6 - junkie**
7 - don't bring me down***
8 - splinter my eye
9 - to frown/outro
*=big boys cover
**=instrumental lynyrd skynyrd cover
***=ELO cover


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