Wednesday, September 6, 2017

dysrhythmia - pretest

label: relapse records
released: 2003

it was a relapse records sampler that had brought these fellers to my attention via the song "bastard".

and then i saw them open the show as part of the relapse records 2003 NORTH AMERICAN CONTAMINATION TOUR in a tiny venue located in ybor city,fl called the orpheum. also on the bill were the bands uphill battle and mastodon and cephalic carnage. i was right up front pressed into the stage. this was the night i was almost beheaded by the guitar neck of the guitar player for cephalic carnage. my life flashed before my eyes. all of the sandwiches i was never going to get to eat. all of the cds i'd just bought were surely going to either get used as coasters by my then roommates or it was all going to get donated to the goodwill. and that one waitress and i'd never gotten her name. and now someone else was going to have to wash the dishes at work. it was pretty bleak.....

but this is about dysrhythmia.
they're an instrumental trio from philadelphia,pa.
this album was "produced" by a one steve albini.

and if'n you're liking of musics dips into the earlier version of the dillinger escape plan and behold...the arctopus and some primus and brain tentacles and the postman syndrome....

you get the idea.

and now if you'll excuse me....
i have to go and stare into the bathroom mirror while playing some cephalic carnage (namely the song "pseudo") and continue to try and remember the name of the waitress as i'm pretty sure that i'd loaned her a cd so she could try to acclimate herself to what sort of music i was into at the time. it was her idea. she was supposed to go to the above mentioned show with me but didn't for some reason. i can't really remember the reason. i don't really care honestly. i just need to remember which cd i'd loaned her. so if you're a waitress and worked at the denny's in plant city,fl.....


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