Wednesday, September 6, 2017

death - symbolic

label: roadrunner records
released: 1995

once upon a time there was a blog that went by the name COLOSTOMY GRAB-BAG. i know it existed as i created it. it was named after a song by a band called OldLadyDrivers that can be found on their SELF-TITLED album (which you should really check out for yourself. and while you're at it give LO FLUX TUBE a go as well.) but COLOSTOMY GRAB-BAG. yeah. it wasn't really around all that long. it had been created to put the more "extreme" forms of music that wouldn't really fit here at the SGM. but one day i was in a hurry and left the gate open and when i returned home it was gone. as was my rob halford costume and my richard nixon mask. and there was an empty milk carton in the refrigerator. sure. i could've done that myself but i can totally blame CBG because it's not here to defend itself. i don't even know where its current whereabouts are. though i did get a postcard in the mail a few years back stating that it had been spotted on an island somewhere near japan and the words "reassignment" and  "surgery" were used. so yeah. if you're awakened by a knocking on your door and you look through the peephole to see a leather clad richard nixon on the other siade of the door you'll know what's going on. and it won't be me (for once. yeah. i got the papers.)

but i digress....

from time to time some of that sort of music will probably find its way over here. and that's why this is here.

the one from orlando,fl and not detroit,mi.

this band was my first foray into the metal of death. it was from the borrowing of the LEPROSY album. it was 5th grade and i was already into bands like the slayer and the black sabbath and the metallica. so when i'd brought death home my parents didn't know what to think. after having listened to LEPROSY i woke up with hair on my chest and a mustache the next day. and when my family would tell me what to do i was saying things like "you can't tell me that to do! you're not my real dad!" and my sister was all like "duh. i'm your sister. what's wrong with you?" and i was all like "what's wrong with me? what's wrong with me?! no,man! what's wrong with you!" and then i'd storm off into my room and slam the door and then remember that i was in the process of making a sandwich so i'd storm back into the kitchen and finish the making of the sandwich and then put everything away and then rinse the mayonaise off of the butterknife because i didn't want to have to sit through another "rinse off your dishes." speech because fuuuuuuuuuuuuck....

but i digress....

so yeah. this band was a turning point for me.

"but why didn't you just post LEPROSY as it seems pretty pertinent to this situation."

that's why.
i'd recently found this album at a thrift store.
and i can't find my copy of LEPROSY.
COLOSTOMY GRAB-BAG probably has it.
thanks for bringing that up.
and now i have to go and make a sandwich to make myself feel better.
i'll clean the knife off.
with my tongue.
you're not my real dad.


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