Thursday, September 15, 2016

the smashing pumpkins - quiet and other songs

with the rumors flying that there may be a smashing pumpkins "reunion" album getting released with a return to some of the GISH/SIAMESE DREAM era sound what better time to post this here thing.

and this here thing is a collection of demos turned into the band's label (which was virgin records at the time) that would eventually take form on the SIAMESE DREAM album.

and this was about the time i'd kinda lost interest in them.
billy corgan was turning into a bald vampire looking thing.
and he always donned that "zero" shirt.
and i'll admit that i thought it was kinda sorta cool for about 5 minutes once.
but come on.
we get it.
you're angsty.
and despite all that rage you're still just a rat in that cage.
and now there's that whole wrasslin' thing.....

so yeah.
that's what this is.
whether or not folks want to hear the band (try to) recapture their former glory....
i just don't know.
and now there's that whole wrasslin' thing.....
as for me....
i'm curious.

fun fact: i once had a former acquaintance of mine accuse me of walking out of his house with the THE AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH box set shoved down the front of my pants. he'd also accused me of doing the same thing with metallica's LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE box set. it may have been due to the fact that i was always kinda flirty with his mom. he should be so honored to have a stepfather with such tastes in music.

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