Thursday, September 15, 2016

pj harvey - rid of me

label: island
released: 1993

this album was my first taste of pj harvey.

i'd been channel surfing late one night and i happened upon this video that looked like some sort of a student film type of thing. this woman was sitting on a stool in her underpants and a shirt sans bra (like you didn't notice) with her hands on her hips and having what the folks down at the old folks home would refer to as an "episode".

she was totally flirting with me.
and it worked.
and i went out the next day to search for something pj harvey.
and i'd walked into the local music store and happened across the only pj harvey album they'd had.
and it was this very album.
and as per usual the people i was acquainted with at the time just didn't "get it".
most thought it was funny that i'd like this sort of thing.
they just didn't "get" me and my ways.
some people's kids.

and if'n you're into that sort of thing....
this album was produced (or recorded by...whatever) steve albini.

also: just look at that album cover. totally flirting.


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