Wednesday, August 24, 2016

vcr - self-titled

label: pop faction
released: 2003

i'll be the first to admit that maybe this isn't your usual SGM business.
but there are times that you just need to let some new stuff in.

and this is the part of the show where you'd probably think that i'd be going into some zany rant about letting new stuff in and whatnot.

but not tonight.

there's nothing wrong with letting new things in. or out. like that smell in your room. would it hurt to crack the window open or something? sure. you may think that the smell of tacos and cole slaw is something that some folks would enjoy. perhaps some sort of musk to put behind one's ear. but you'd be wrong.

but i digress.
i just couldn't let it go.
like that time i let that one thing go.
things have just never been the same since.


they're a band from out of virginia that play a sort of synthy-punky sort of thing.
it's not all bad.
they once played an entire show of nothing but misfits covers.

the one musical comparison i'll make is that if you like stuff like beat happening.
and there's a song on here that has a total old school depeche mode vibe going on.
it's called "king and queen of winter".
i just couldn't keep you in suspense on that one.
you would've been all like "you mention old school depeche mode and then nothing? what kind of a bastard are you?"


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