Wednesday, August 24, 2016

show business giants/the squirrels - blobs vol.2

label: way out! records
released: 1991

i'd never heard of the band show business giants before hearing this.
but from what i can gather they're a canadian punk band.
and they have ties nomeansno.
and that's something,yes?

the real gem here are the squirrels and their cover of both "seasons in the sun" and "the hustle".
and the magic of it is is the fact that they combine the both into one song.
i'd first heard it on the radio via OFF THE BEATEN TRACK.
you've heard me talk about that show a time or a dozen.

and in case you're wondering about the squirrels....
they're a punk band from that seattle place.
remember all that?

and now i'm sharing it with you.



John said...

So the Show Business Giants were the original band for guitarist Tom Holliston, who started it before he joined Nomeansno. Both Andy Kerr and John Wright participated in SBG records at various points as well as a who's who of Victoria and Vancouver musicians over the years. Their stuff is wacky and creative and absolutely worth checking out. An all time favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...

Looked for this 7" sooo long
Thank you!

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