Thursday, August 25, 2016

v/a - spectrum ale: micro-brewed musical artistry

label: relapse records
released: 1996

back in the day the relapse records mail order catalog and i were the bestest of friends.
i'm pretty sure that there were a few times that folks working in the relapse records mail room were all like "hey. it's that guy again."

and then there were times where you'd open up your package and along with your human remains USING SICKNESS AS A HERO and your the dillinger escape plan's UNDER THE RUNNING BOARD albums there'd be the added bonus of a relapse records sampler cd.

like this one right here.

also: some of the old school relapse samplers are kind of hard to come by. and if you happen to have one and would like to share it leave a message in the comments section of this here posting. it would be greatly appreciated. you can pick whatever you'd like out of the refrigerator in the SGM break room.

1 - amorphis - unborn
2 - amorphis - my kantele (acoustic)
3 - neurosis - locust star
4 - neurosis - eye
5 - pan-thy-monium - the battle of geeheeb (excerpt)
6 - mindrot - anguish (edit)
7 - blood duster - kill,kill,kill
8 - blood duster - intro/chunky bit
9 - blood duster - motherfuckin'
10 - mortician - driller killer
11 - mortician - barbaric cruelties
12 - doomed - broken
13 - embalmer - necro-philing cabinet
14 - exit-13 - gout d'belgium
15 - exit-13 - if you're a viper
16 - hybryds - alchemy
17 - tribes of neurot - fires of purification
18 - malformed earthborn - suicide lair
19 - brighter death now - little baby
20 - namanax - cascading waves of electronic turbulence (edit)
21 - merzbow - woodpecker no.2
22 - massona - inner mind mystique 4


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Anonymous said...

Hey man. Long time lurker and dl'er and i thank you so much for that. I actually bought this back in the day from a shop in Ottawa. To be honest a mixed bag. But what I liked I really liked. Xysma for sure. Wtf? Some great gems for sure.

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