Sunday, August 28, 2016

line drive - the few....

label: new start records
released: 1992

you remember the 90s hardcore and its khaki pants wearing oversized t-shirt picking invisible spare change up off of the floor chugga-chugga ways,yeah?

remember that early victory records sound?
though this would've fit in more with the revelation records kids.

"but victory was the 90s hardcore label,bruh."

let's see here....

they had deadguy.
they had earth crisis.
they had snapcase.
they had bloodlet.

but revelation records didn't have tony brummel.
and that's for the win,kid.

moving on.

these folks were one of those 90s type hardcore bands.
which is pretty evident with this being released in 1992 and all.
they were from north carolina.
they also happen to have a member of the SGM family's involvement.
but i'm not going to say whom.
that person will just have to come out with it themselves.
i'll give you a clue: it isn't me.

and then once you give this a listen you may find yourself thinking "now where have i heard that arrangement before? is it "be all,end all" by anthrax?" while listening to the track "struggle". and it's ok because the same thing happened to me. and it's also ok because the album that song is from is decent.


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