Tuesday, August 9, 2016

soundgarden - superunknown demos

you know know who soungarden are.

you know what SUPERUNKNOWN is

you know that it was #2 in the holy trilogy that was BADMOTORFINGER/SUPERUNKNOWN/DOWN ON THE UPSIDE.

"um,sir. but what about KING ANI-...."

i'll just go on ahead and stop you right there.

this was part of the 20th anniversary "super deluxe" re-release package for SUPERUNKNOWN that got released back in 2014.

you there.
can i see you for a moment over there in the shadows?

1 - let me drown
2 - fell on black days
3 - superunknown
4 - black hole sun
5 - spoonman
6 - fresh tendrils
7 - 4th of july
8 - half
9 - like suicide



SxPxDxCx said...


Concrete Lightbulb said...

I've never heard King Animal (didn't even know about it 'til a minute ago) but I imagine that's exactly how I feel whenever someone mentions any album after Louder Than Love...so yeah, let's you and me mosey on over to those shadows. haha!

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