Wednesday, August 10, 2016

P - self-titled

label: caroline records
released: 1995

so yeah.
that gibby haynes from the butthole surfers and that one guy that freddy krueger kills in the first NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET were in a band together once upon a time.

"which guy?"

he was the guy that was supposed to not fall asleep. glen i believe his name was. he got pulled down into the mattress on the bed and then all of that blood came gushing out and whatnot. really pissed off his parents too. his dad had just painted the room. and his mom had just bought that bed spread.

but i digress.

the band P.

they'd only released the one album.

there's a daniel johnston cover on it.
there's an abba cover on it.

it sounds like everything else that was alternative and popular at the time.

but this was glen's only musical output.
which is weird.
since he was dead and all at the time of the recording of the album.
maybe gibby haynes really is some sort of a wizard.


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