Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Red Expendables - Factory Issued Sealed Packaged Printed and Pressed CD

Label: Grimmwerks
Year: 1997

I had not heard this record until very recently, so my take on it is not based on any historical significance in my own life, merely, it was a curiosity I had heard about but never sought out. I stumbled over it the other day, grabbed it, listened to it, and decided to post it. 
The story goes, at the end of Cop Shoot Cop, the band had spent about $150,000 of Interscope's money recording what would be the follow-up to the album "Release". The band had mixed feelings about the process and the songs, and group founder Tod A decided the music wasn't up to par and split. The rest of the band approached Interscope with the nine songs they had, but the label refused to release the album. That marks the end of Cop Shoot Cop, but the remaining band members polish off those nine songs, and add four more and release the record as Red Expendables. There is a connection to the previously posted Book Of Knots record, but frankly, that's just what I'm told, and I can't confirm or deny anything.
Bottom line is, if you liked Cop Shoot Cop on "Release", the more streamlined version of the band, then you will like this. If it weren't "ex-Cop Shoot Cop", then it probably would have been a well respected album, but in the shadow of one of the great noise rock bands of all time, it's a little flat. See for yourself.

*originally posted 12-01-09, reposted 07-06-16



jonder said...

Hey, were you at the Masquerade last night for Flag? Great show.

Gray said...

Yeah, I did go. I was the old idiot spazzing the fuck out when they played Damaged. Also might have been the only one over the age of 18 who was excited to see Dirty Nil.

jonder said...

Oh, THAT was you. I was the fat greybeard at the merch table looking in vain for XXL tees. Lots of us old idiots at every show I go to these days, like Pere Ubu last month. The Dirty Nil was new to me but I liked em (except for the guitarist's rock star moves).

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