Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seven Foot Spleen - Boredom and Disease 7"

Label: Fuck Inane / Rhodhiss
Year: 1996

In the American Southeast it is currently the summer season (I cannot, nor would I want to vouch for which time of year it is in whatever hell-hole you live), which means it is far too hot, and far too humid for my liking. But, as they say, "them's the breaks", and you just have to crank up the air conditioning and spend as much time poolside with a twelver of the best Mexican beer you can stuff into a coozie. It's just what you do here. Else, you might as well die. Which you no doubt will want to do by about 5:30pm each day.
The other thing that I do, and now WE are doing, is commiserate the worst time of the year with our fellow Southern compatriots, and listen intently and at dangerous volumes to southern fried swinging sludge. Eyehategod, Buzzoven, Kilara, Cavity, Damad...
Seven Foot Spleen do it right. Just the way you want. Tune down, turn up, feedback, head down, and unleash fury. Slow and grooving, or bug eyed and raging...either/or. You get a bit of both.
Not to mention, Seven Foot Spleen are from my beloved North, they're extra special.


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