Wednesday, July 27, 2016

hopesfall - the satellite years

label: trustkill records
released: 2002

sometimes there's an album that just finds its way into your psyche.
you'll just be sitting there and BAM! are you today? remember me?
and that's what the album's closer "the bending" is like for me.

i'm not even really sure how i came around to finding out about hopesfall.
it was probably via some random sampler i'd discovered somewhere.
used cd stores were the best,weren't they?

i suppose this could count as a re-post that no one asked for as i'd originally posted it back in 2012.
you're welcome.

if'n you're a fan of cave in's JUPITER or between the buried and me's THE SILENT CIRCUS you can make room on that "hey! you got melody in my hardcore! you got hardcore in my melody!" shelf you have in your room for this right here.


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