Wednesday, July 27, 2016

combatwoundedveteran - i know a girl who develops crime scene photos

label: no idea records
released: 1999

once upon a time back in the early part of the 00s i lived in florida.
a place just outside of tampa called brandon.
it wasn't too bad
i'd always go to shows in ybor city.
and there was a record store down the street from where i lived called sound idea.

sound idea would always have shows in the back room.
and it was a very very small back room.
you ever been to a show inside of a broom closet before?
to be fair it was the size of 2 broom closets.
maybe it was 3.

the owner of the establishment was named bob.
he had also ran a record label called burrito records.
he had also fronted a band called murder-suicide pact.

they had a mixtape system.
you made one and dropped it into a box and took one out.

anytime i had spare change i was roaming the store.

sound idea turned me onto a few bands.
bands with names like:
scrotum grinder
roach motel
failure face
hated youth
man is the bastard
cream abdul babar
charles bronson
the reckless deerhunters

and this here band.
this band called combatwoundedveteran.

what can be said about combatwoundedveteran?
what can be said about this album?

do you dig bands like the locust?
do you dig record labels like slap-a-ham?
do you dig any of the bands mentioned up yonder?

as for the album: do you need a soundtrack for your next 20 minutes?
because now you have it.
use it wisely.


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