Tuesday, December 1, 2015

White Mice - Assphixxxeatateshun

Label: Load
Year: 2005

This is a record that could have only come out on Load. And if you understand that premise, than you can stop reading any further and make your decision on whether or not you want to hear this.
If you didn't automatically pick up on that last statement (because maybe you're not a complete fucking nerd, or maybe you have "a life", or something), then allow me to explain. Load Records has made a name for themselves by consistently releasing records that tend to share a common thread; that thread being noise, bass-centric bands, humor, and volume. All, fine and good if you ask me (I assume that most people are asking me stuff most of the time, even when that's clearly not the case). In the right hands, those elements can produce insane amounts of raw primal power. Building leveling type power.
In the case of White Mice, they seem completely free to wield that power all over the damn place, and with extreme prejudice. They swing wildly from brutal overdriven sludge crawls to white hot blasts of borderline black metal scree to claustrophobic dins of pounding noise damage. Not a second of this record will ever be accused of having a "nice harmony", and you know, that's alright. The world has lots of "nice harmony" already. Sometimes the world warrants some "ugly pain". White Mice bring the ugly pain.


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