Wednesday, December 2, 2015

V/A - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Label: Insolito
Year: 1998

Hands down, one of the best goddamn compilations ever goddamned compiled. I cannot believe that this record(s) isn't routinely cited as a touchstone in contemporary conversation.
Three 7"s, each loosely themed:

The Good - absolute damaged noise rock / hardcore that will cave in you fucking face
La Gritona - they get two songs because, fuck you, they are La Gritona, they are the best
Fork - distortion on distortion on distortion, fuck your stupid ears
Craw - there was no better band than Craw for awhile there, and there still are few that rival them
Slughog - if anyone ever tells you to turn the bass down, you tell them to fuck straight off

The Bad - nihilism, anger, and volume. Sludgy hardcore hate crimes
Cavity - blister inducing, crazed power
Floor - pre-melody Floor, when the feedback was basically the third guitarist, total bliss
16 - it's not hyperbole to state that 16 hate you more than you will ever know. here's a song to prove it
Toadliquor - title of the song is "Praise God For Blood"...I mean, what more can I say?
Thug - such potent, murky heaviness. they should play this song at every high school graduation

The Ugly - power violence, noise induced headache eaters
Ice Nine - speed Universal Order Of Armageddon up from 33 to 45 rpm and mosh liberally
Discordance Axis - 100 million bats flying out of a cave into your fucking face
Apartment 213 - serial killers need love too
Devoid Of Faith - choke yourself out and see the rainbow of death
Spazz - still talking about that fool Finn
Damad - lurching, menacing madness, the sound of being drunk in Savannah on a Monday afternoon
Enemy Soil - straight up
Suppression - recorded in a garbage disposal, released on a sawblade, fucking brutal

Some of the songs on this record have appeared elsewhere on other releases, me...they fucking work here.



Ruben Chandler said...

Goddman................! love your dl right now. can't wait

julius orange said...

oh man, i remember seeing Slughog back in the day at the middle east club usually with Kudgel. They were 2 of the best Boston had to offer. Firestone was a monster on the guitar.

Pepe said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing this. Great selection of songs that definitely work here.

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