Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sweet Jesus - You Destroy Yourself

Label: Atomic Action
Year: 2015

Swiz / Sweetbelly Freakdown worship, and I'm ok with that. Swiz crafted a fairly un-fuckable-with template for that DC tinged hardcore roar you know immediately when you hear it.
To further bolster their Swiz bona fides they get Shawn Brown of the aforementioned Swiz to sing a little bit, and they recorded the whole thing with J. Robbins, so you know that this isn't merely "dudes who liked harDCore", but more "dudes who liked harDCore and have studied it in order to harness some if it's power".
So yes, you've heard things like this before, or at least you should have. But that's fine, not everything has to be breaking some imaginary mold, sometimes things can be pure celebration and fun. This record is a love letter to a very particular style of hardcore, and it's convincing, and it's fun, and that's all you fucking need sometimes. If you are liking the Red Hare records, then by all means, jump on this one too.
Members of Have Heart, Verse, Clear, Soul Control, Fucking Invincible, Drop Dead, and more.


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