Friday, December 18, 2015

Kinghorse - Unreleased Demos

Label: bootleg
Year: 1996

Not to be confused with the Slamdek Records release 'Too Far Gone: Unreleased Recordings 1988-1992', this is a DIFFERENT set of unreleased demo recordings. These songs were recorded with the second lineup of the band. See, after the first 7" and the self titled lp (hey, did you know that Glenn Danzig produced that one? It's ok, you'd have to have a real eagle eye to catch that bit of info on the record cover) the band broke up. Then, Slamdek pulled together the unreleased recordings for a compilation, so the band got back together to play some shows, minus founding member, bassist Mike Bucayu. During the course of the reformation, the band also wrote, demo'd and performed some of the twelve songs included here. Assuming they had plans for a follow-up lp, but this version of the band didn't last long, and before anything further could be developed they went their separate ways.
Self described as a "holy war freak parade" Kinghorse were a band that you had to fight your friends about. You had to explain that it's ok to like Crain and Endpoint and Danzig and that Kinghorse found a way to bring those all together into a weird quasi-mystic stomp rock boogie. This is what you had to do. And fuckin-A, you did it proudly. Singer Sean Garrison explained it thusly:"We thought Hardcore was finally dead and that maybe we could build on what Fading Out had started -- real American Rock music that was as much Black Flag as Black Oak Arkansas. Who would have known that so may people would deny their redneck roots? When we started there were three distinct camps -- Big Black fans, Youth of Today fans and Metallica fans. We fucking HATED all of these people. Of course, the world was crawling with these cretins. They wandered around like plague-stricken peasants. The first camp convinced of their urbaneness, world-weary rich brats who were turned on by the detachment of a drum machine. They had the short hair. The second, dressed in the strict SXE uniform of the hooded sweat shirt, thought of nothing but girls and skateboarding (a way to meet girls). They had no hair. The third batch of dumbasses were the until-recently-Ozzy-obsessed Thrash Metal fans. These people had the long hair. We hated these people the most because, on top of being without taste, they were generally just burned out losers.".
It's Kinghorse, and you're either in or out. I hope that for your sake that you're in, but if not...fuck it. Nothing I can do about it.



Michael Reichert said...

True musical heroes, thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

yesss. pretty sure you are the only other dood i ever met who also loved kinghorse and crawlpappy. all these shitbirds jump on the bandwagon now, but i remember those days (those fucking days). love phil.

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