Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Noxagt - Noxagt

Label: Load
Year: 2006

File this one under Norwegian Math Damage. If you have the space on your shelf that is. I realize Norwegian Math Damage can be a pretty crowded genre.
If you like Oxes, and you like Harvey Milk, then you can probably find the middle ground between those two bands here. This album is their third, but the first one to feature guitar (the previous utilized viola in place of where guitar "should be"), and seemingly the most straight-forward. I would venture to also say it's their best yet, but like I said, there's a shit-ton of Norwegian Math Damage to sift through out there, so the jury might still be out.

*Originally posted 09.16.10, reposted 11.10.15



jwraith said...

The album before this one, The Iron Point, is up there with the best of all time

Anonymous said...

Such a killer album. Love it.

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