Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mama Tick / Faucet - Crust Busting 7"

Label: Noise Vacuum
Year: 1994

I think that technically we have posted this record within the confines of both the Mama Tick discography and Faucet discography...but, who's counting?
Mama Tick are a personal favorite of mine. When they sang "Make beautiful music, for beautiful people", I just knew they were talking about me. We clicked.
Faucet are similar to Mama Tick in the "who?" sort of way, as well as in the "fucking great" sort of way. Not one of those bands that people talk about these days, but they should be, they are just as good as most any other "good band" you liked back in 1994 (or in retrospect [assuming you have moderate to good taste that is {but, you're here, so you must be ok at least}]).
Two songs. Full power. Fuck light, eat speed.


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BeSound said...

Any chance re-upping the mama tick discography? :)

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