Monday, September 28, 2015

Year Of The Rabbit - Year Of The Rabbit

Label: Elektra
Year: 2003

Your excitement for this record will be exactly proportional to your excitement for the recent Failure reunion. Pretty much.
Or, your excitement will be based on your tolerance/love for big, alternative rock music. Straight up alternative rock music. The kind that used to rule any local radio station with an "X" in their call sign.
You remember that, right?

Well, my own personal excitement about this record when it came out was that it features Jeff Garber, formerly of Castor (and The Joy Circuit, and ON), a guy who has been sufficiently gushed over in prior entries to this very blog you hold in your (virtual) hands.
Most folks would be drawn in more so on the news that this was Ken Andrews, formerly of Failure (and ON), new band. People really liked Failure.
But then, there are those music nerds who were just as excited to see that Tim Dow, drummer for Season To Risk and Shiner (and ON) was on board.
And, I won't discount that there could be some people out there who saw that Solomon Snyder, formerly of....ummm...James Iha's solo project, and um, Cupcakes, was involved and got super pumped up. Like, probably his family and friends. And hey, he would go on to be in some version of Veruca Salt, so, there's that.

My own personal excitement (let's get back to that) was short lived when I realized that Jeff Garber's contributions were not vocal, and his song writing doesn't seem to be front in center either. This is most certainly a Ken Andrews joint, as they say.
If you liked Failure, then you're good here. If you liked that mid period Cave In (the stuff that sounds a lot like Failure), then you're good here. If you like The Life And Times, then, maybe you're good here.


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