Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Arabrot / [concept.virus] - AbsoluteNegativism

Label: Norway Rat
Year: 2009

Four songs, two are long two are short. One of the long ones is real long, as in thirty minutes long.
Two bands, one you've heard of and one you haven't. Save those who are related personally to Stian Skagen.
The first track is essentially the sound of a fan running in the next room, that over thirteen minutes begins to develop minor motor fatigue, but nonetheless continues oscillating regularly.
The second track has the hallmarks of black metal mk. 1.5. Shrill vocals, buzzing waves of guitar, and pounding blasts, only to be broken into a fucked noise rock beatdown. Then back to black metal then back to fucked noise rock....aaaaaaaaaaand scene.
The third track keeps the black metal guitar washes going, but slows to a mid tempo trudge through the snow. A walk that takes a quarter hour and slowly reveals subtle changes of scenery as you make your way through the woods to find yourself standing on the precipice of a sheer, windswept cliff overlooking a yawning void of nothingness below. And so you do what comes naturally, you throw yourself into the blackness and fall into the icy arms of forever where you bathe in the glory of death and her sweet relief.
The fourth track circles back to second one, with a frosty blast of black metal that ends with a final "fuck you" of hammered thrusts.
And there you have it. The collaborative Arabrot and [concept.virus] record. Enjoy.


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