Tuesday, September 8, 2015

V/A - Accidental Death Through Misadventure and Mayhem

Label: Satan's Pimp
Year: 1996

From the vaunted Accidental Death series by the equally lauded Satan's Pimp label (well, in an alternate universe anyway) comes this handy collection of nastiness. Much like compatriots Bovine Records, this label was mining a specific and twisted vein of music that touched on noise rock, hardcore, sludge, and straight weirdness that few others tapped into. The entire discography is a Rosetta Stone of contorted burl.
Pachinko - go for the neck, but keep them alive long enough to realize who's hands are crushing their larynx.
Gob - Satan's Pimp house band, who seem determined to steal all the copper in said house prior to burning it to the ground. Annihilation par excellence.
Jackwacker -to say it's overdriven is an understatement. The guitar was strung up with both guitar and bass strings, eliminating the need for superfluous band membership. Genius.
Exit - a tightly wound snake of repetition and menace.
Designer - possibly my favorite Swiss entity, not counting Swatch of course. The European Hammerhead? Maybe? Should have been huge.
Bhang Dextro - noise rock from the garage...in that shitty house at the end of the street with the overgrown lawn and the two cars up on cinderblocks in the yard...and the distinct smell of meth cooking.


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