Friday, September 4, 2015

Manhandle - The Massive Load

Label: ABC Group Documentation
Year: 2015

Two thirds of the band New Brutalism (RIP?) recorded a batch of songs three years ago in Athens, Georgia, and here they are.
If you are (were?) a fan of New Brutalism (and you fucking should be) then you'll hear similar structural motifs in the songwriting. But what's different is where New Brutalism went Tar, Manhandle goes Melvins. It's heavier and more streamlined with a sustained low end gut punch. If you like things that are sludgy and gross, but you're over hearing Sabbath riffs recycled again and again, then this record will tickle your fancy. You fancy ass little motherfucker.
Highly, highly, highly recommended.



Anonymous said...

I saw these guy at a house show in Knoxville a few years ago and they destroyed!! I always wondered if some recorded material would see the light of day.

Stuart Hall said...

I can't tell if you're really into this one.

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