Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Worms - Worms

Label: Dark World
Year: 2013

Here's a good idea; take the snaking sound of Unwound, add in some lo-fi grit in the vein of those Sebadoh songs that are real vicious sounding (you, the songs when Lou Barlow screams and stuff, not the other Sebadoh stuff that isn't vicious), bake (pun intended) in the laconic heavy riffing of Dinosaur Jr., and fly under the blackened banner of the original Christian Death lineup (the goth inspired punk version, not the punk inspired goth one). That would be a good idea. A real good one.
And hey, look who's using their big brains and thinking up all these good ideas, Worms.
The band from Amherst, MA (hence the Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr comparisons...they're basically neighbors!) does a convincing job of channeling Unwound (which is a really hard thing to do...just ask around), and Unwound's subsequent offshoots; Young Ginns, Worst Case Scenario. It's a messy, noisy take on catchy songs, with the added elements of lo-fi sludge just to stir up the reprobates in the house. It's exciting to hear. I'm excited to hear it!
This band used to go by the name Whirl, but then changed to Worms, which a fair number of other bands have also decided is/was a great name. But don't be confused, this Worms is the best Worms.
Tip of the hat to Decibel Magazine for pointing this one out, otherwise, like most things in life, I would have missed it.
Highly, highly, highly recommended. I promise you will like this one.


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pinto said...

Another great Worms band...


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