Monday, July 13, 2015

Starting The Week Not With A Bang, But Whimper.

Just a quick note in lieu of an actual music post. Been doing lots of vacationing and taking time away from computers when I'm not shackled to a computer for work, so things have been slower than they should be on this end. For that I apologize, I of course want you all to be happy and satisfied with your experiences here. So I'll work on it.

In the near term I have tons on tap to post, stuff that's been backing up for months, as well as new things that people have sent in. Which, by the way, feel free to send things digitally through the Facebook page (the email page goes to Ipecac who is currently indisposed) and I will evaluate them for possible posting. It's fun to hear new things, so please do shoot whatever you think would be a good fit.

So, until tomorrow, please enjoy this little taste of Depeche Mode for no other reason than we do what we do to please the ladies. Ladies are important, they make the world go around.


Chris Rigby said...

Is the forum a good place to send uploads to?

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