Saturday, July 4, 2015

Danzig - The Lost Tracks Of Danzig

Label: Evillive
Year: 2007

I have returned from vacation, which means I survived another year without being taken to my death in the mouth of a prehistoric killing machine (shark). Congratulations to me.

Today is Independence Day in America, and I can only assume, the rest of the world. And who better than Glenn Danzig represents the promise of freedom, liberty, and justice that this great nation stands for? Answer: mother fucking nobody, that's who.

In lieu of an inverted cross shaped Danzig box set, Danzig instead culled two discs worth of songs that were not included on studio albums due to "not fitting the feeling" of said studio album, and were otherwise left as potential b-sides, but mostly just laid around unreleased. Tracks that span from the 1987/88 Chung King House of Metal recording session for the Danzig 1 record, all the way through to 2003/2004 Ocean Studios sessions that yielded the Circle Of Snakes record. Good fucking tracks. Now, I'll grant you, the further away from AC/DC black boogie Danzig gets, the more polarizing his recorded out is, and I don't fault people for only really liking the first 3.5 albums and then only partially liking the next 2, and finally not really liking the most recent ones at all. I get that. I don't necessarily agree, but I understand. Personally, I'm riding with Danzig into the blood red sunset, waiting on the Samhain of our collective souls...but that's me. I do think that if you listen all the way through from top to bottom you may gain a new appreciation for the later material, as it's presented in smaller doses rather than full albums, but then again, the black mesh and rubber gloves could scare you away. Don't let it.

God bless America, and praise Danzig!


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mvllet said...

'Today is Independence Day in America, and I can only assume, the rest of the world.'

I laughed.

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