Friday, May 15, 2015

Spaceboy - The Force That Holds Together A Heart Torn To Pieces

Label: Howling Bull
Year: 2000

Sort of a departure for this blog, and for my own personal tastes, as generally I don't go for the "everything but the kitchen sink" style of spazz-metal. But in case of Spaceboy I make an exception. Certainly first and foremost because of the presence of one Clifford Dinsmore formerly of Bl'ast! on vocals. As a perennial favorite of mine, I'll check out whatever project he's in just on his reputation alone.
Aside from Mr. Dinsmore's allure, there's quite a bit more to love here. After the initial freakout of the opening track, the record settles into a more digestible mix of sludgy metallic hardcore fits and spurts. The band's moniker ought to be fair warning that things will get a little psychedelic at times. If not, fourth track "Pot Hibernation" will hammer the point home. If you can get into the way Rwake treats their Robotussin informed metal, then you can definitely get into this.
Recorded by Billy Anderson, so you know it sounds massive. The other guys in the band were in precursor band Gargantua, as well as The Fucking Champs and Villains. No slouches.
Get loud.


1 comment:

The L-RV said...

Nor-Cal greatness right there.
Their performances were something to behold - definitely a live band.
You could get high just watching them...

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