Friday, May 15, 2015

Gold Leather - Illuminasti

Label: self released
Year: 2013

Weirdness works. Usually. And Texas bands generally know how to "weird-up" their noise rock. Or maybe it's not that they know, as much as they just do. Like, it comes naturally. Something about the heat and the bar-b-que and the politics of that place.
Gold Leather do it real well. They lock into driving grooves of death rock and ride those fuckers straight into the ground. Just hold on.
The songs are brightened (a term used lightly [a pun not intended]) with organ to highlight a general pall of creepiness that informs most of the songs. Whether lurching from their crypts or blasting across some sun baked prairie somewhere, the band crafts a fully encompassing sound that can easily lull you, the listener, into a state of semi-hypnosis whereupon you are urged to listen to the commands of you neighbors cat and indeed, finally quit that dead end job, finally give Donna from the marketing department what she's been hinting at for months, and finally choke out that piece of shit boss of yours, Skip. Fucking Skip. Fuck that asshole and his bullshit. The power compels thee! Head the Master's call (your neighbor's cat is named Master, right?)!
Top shelf low brow. Highly recommended.


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