Thursday, January 22, 2015

D. Rider - Mother Of All Curses

Label: Tizona Records
Year: 2009

Now after expanding to a full band as Dead Rider who have a pretty new and more than just pretty good new record (The Raw Dents) out right now as well, D. Rider is Todd Rittmann of Mercury Players and U.S. Maple guitar slingin' fame doing something that combines some of the best things about good, that is, good pop music, with the inventiveness and sense of fun that made this one of my desert island discs of the summer past. Listen to Body to Body to Body, and loudly, and then listen to it again.

Now that's a great pop song.

PS; this is a vinyl rip and has an additional song, Bye Bye Ethyl, which isn't on the compact disc version of the record. That song is good, too.

*originally posted 12-19-11, reposted 01-22-15

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