Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cherubs - Pink Party Dessert ep

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1992

There was a time on this blog, this one right here...that you're reading, that Austin, Texas and more specifically Trance Syndicate Records were prominently featured. It was like a month straight it seemed that we were practically vomiting up Ed Hall, Johnboy, Drain, Pain Teens, Crust, and Cherubs records. That was a good time wasn't it?
Well, set your way-back machine controls for the glorious acid soaked days of baked thud rock and day-glo record sleeves. The time when every college town had a handful of bands trying to "out rock" the others by tuning down, slowing down, and being as ugly as possible. Good times. That being said, you would have been hard pressed then, and hard pressed now, to find a better band than Cherubs, they easily out-rocked, out-tuned, and out-uglied the bands in your shitty college town (or mine for that matter...although Harvey Milk were playing shows in my college town whilst I was in college, and they were v-e-r-y ugly...and smelly, and come to think of it, they tuned waaaaaay maybe not the best example of college town).
Hail Cherubs!

*originally posted 12-26-10 , reposted 01-22-15

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