Friday, December 19, 2014

UDAV - Creepy New Career

Label: self released
Year: 2014

Quick, how many noise rock bands can you name from Croatia?
Lucky for you, the band has submitted this, their new record, for you to get acquainted with in an effort to bolster musical tourism to the former Balkan States. And if I'm correct, this band is from the Istrian peninsula between the Bay of Kvarner and the Gulf of Trieste (thanks Wikipedia!) which appears to be a beautiful part of the world. I'm ready to go! We could arrange a reverse-tour whereupon the band stays in place, and the fans come to them! Genius!
Musically, UDAV occupies that space right around Big'N, Mount Shasta, White Drugs, and Qui. They even flirt around with some late period SST weirdness for good measure! It bounces and bobs around before slicing across your jaw with a series of haymakers. They can be deceptively burly in the spaces between riffs, when the song dynamics start and stop to accentuate the punch.
I think that you will like this one. It's got the elements you want, and gives them a new charge. Plus, now you can say, "oh yeah, I was into the first wave of Croatian Noise Rock back when it was still underground". Which is the point, isn't it?



Anonymous said...

twinz2z said...

"COG" noise from Crotia
Ouspenskyfallexo Got IT.

ARPY Kriz-Maz Kom-RAD.

Notarobotforsure said...

I was into the first wave of Croatian Noise Rock back when it was still underground! No, really.

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