Friday, December 19, 2014

Brigitte Roussel - Amber Hole

Label: Double Hallucinative
Year: 2014

This was submitted to us by the artist herself, and while I slept on it for a bit too long, I finally have given it a few listens, and am glad I did so.
Not my usual forte this one, the music operates within genres that I find hard to describe or articulate. There's more of an overall "feel" than a particular adjective I could use. The whole album creates one massively spooky vibe...that I like.
I never watched Twin Peaks, and really don't care for David Lynch in general, but...I'm going out on a limb here and saying that this sounds like someone took the theme music of that show and distorted it's chamber pop base into a distant electrical storm that slowly spreads itself across the far horizon. It's a solo album, but there is plenty of instrumentation to fill out the nooks and crannies of each slow burning freak out. Vocals are of the detached, ethereal sort, and they come and go like smoke filtering through the room.
Early morning or late night listens are encouraged. The shoegaze/industrial/noise/baroque/drones here can be hypnotically beautiful or just as easily, disturbingly harsh. It's adventurous music which rewards those who are up for the ride.


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