Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sloth - Trick Or Treat Time With Octi

Label: self released
Year: 2004

Sloth run that super wide gamut from blown-the-fuck-out super sludge to power electronics styled noise, and "everything in between" (which has yet to be identified by any record store clerk anywhere)
Like if Suppression and Rusted Shut got together to jam on a Godflesh joint, and then had the guys from Spazz write some lyrics for it.
Their discography is impenetrable, such that I would be suspect if even the parents of Sloth(s) have every release. There's well over a hundred and counting, including some higher profile splits from the Golden Second Wave Of Powerviolence (circa 1996) with Floor, Noothgrush, Boulder, Cattlepress, Gob, Hangnail, Corrupted, Fistula, Rwake, and on and on and on. So, why I chose this particular one to post? Maybe because this one has the song 'Dwid's Bride Invited My Future Wife To A Sleep-Over' (spoiler alert...she said no).

These 12 songs actually work together well as one 14 minute piece since they all employ the same basic rhythm and instrumentation (part of which I guess is a cymbal but sounds more like someone is releasing gas [and not as in farting, but actually opening and closing a pressurized valve]).


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