Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Blood Sun Circle - Bloodiest/Sunniest

Label: Hex
Year: 2014

3/4 of the band Engineer doing music that eschews the metallic suffocation of that band's attack, and instead broadens their scope by zooming out and letting things breath in a deep breath of what we used to call "Neur-Isis". Meaning, those big, expansive slow builds that rely more on echo and reverb than they do on fuzz and distortion. Still abrasive, but it takes a longer view on things. There are elements of post punk goth in there, some Neurosis big riffs, some Young Widows-ish picking, and a general pall of darkness over the whole thing.
Sometimes I'm not in the mood for this kind of thing, but today I was. Plus, that's an undeniably great album title, right?



Anonymous said...

i dig this. - love, phil

Anonymous said...

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