Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rebreather - Sunflower

Label: Nice Life
Year: 2008

That rolling, cycling, heavy rock that goes for the big riff and bigger payoff. You know what I mean?
A song is generally built on a stuttering groove of a rhythm, and the guitar line snakes around before everyone locks into that massive swing. It's a loud hybrid of Knut, Barkmarket, Mastodon, American Heritage, and mid-period Cave In.
The results can prove mesmerizing, the kind of thing that you can get lost in listening to until that crunching guitar wakes you back up and reminds you continue along with your bedroom head-banging.
They do a Lungfish cover here, if that tells you anything.
For a band that started out a as pretty straight forward sludgy post-hardcore outfit, they certainly evolved into something far more interesting and intriguing.



Anonymous said...

Love this one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

sold on the lungfish cover. thanks!

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