Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Doomriders / Boris - Long Hair and Tights - split

Label: Daymare
Year: 2006

Limited run of 1000 on (double) vinyl, at a point when Doomriders were shit hot. So if you blinked you missed it. The record documents (and documents it well) a show that Doomriders and Boris played together in Japan back on Halloween night of 2006.
Doomriders live have a much more attacking style than on record (which is admittedly, pretty attacking), and their Motorhead inspired intro sets the tone for their furious blend of d-beat hardcore and Lemmy's wart sweat. On record I would always hear a slight Danzig influence creeping in, but not here. No, this is flat out smoking at 100mph. Doomriders understand the concept of come out swinging, and don't let up...this record doesn't let up. Boris. Sometimes they bring the heat, and sometimes they put their heads up each others asses on some sort of quest for meaningful art. I try to like them, and there are moments when I really do, but then they sabotage that goodwill with some self-indulgent "ambient passage" straight out of the Windham Hill catalog. Luckily for me (us), and maybe because of their co-headliners, they stick to  kicking out the jams at this show. They give you some of the glacial art-sludge and some of the high octane straight rippers, which play well off each other, but they keep the intensity high. I'm happy to report, the "good" Boris showed up to blow your head off that night.
If you can find the double lp, be ready to shell out some dollars (or yen...or whatever shells you trade for goods and services), but as you'll hear here, it's worth it. Totally worth it.


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