Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Throat - Manhole

Label : Rejuvenation
Year : 2013

Would ya look at that Manhole on the cover.. reminds of that song by Alice Donut called "Helsinki" (go seek the lyrics out for that online).  THROAT  is a four piece from Turku, Finland. Pretty blistering noise rock here. Solid LP from start to Finnish (he he.. somebody shoot me). They are selling this for 1.00 min. on their bandcamp page. I suggest listening and  if you dig it, shell out the measly dollar. If you are on the ramen noodles budget the download is here for you cheapskates too. (*Includes a bonus track "Anal Paranoid" from the split they did with Black Sun).



ihatethroat said...

Thanks for posting this Slander Bob! Just need to get one thing straight, we're from Turku, not Helsinki!

Slander Bob said...

Stupid internet lied to me. I'll fix it. Cheers!

Inky's said...

if anyone wants to buy this lp and lives in the states, hit me up! i am one of the people whelped ut this LP out and have hem in stock!

toposheet said...

Vinyl LP was a great purchase! This ensemble kills!

Slander Bob said...

It's the next thing on my record list.

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