Tuesday, November 11, 2014

hepa-Titus - Follow Me

Label: Amrep
Year: 2013

I am slowly getting into this band which features Kevin Rutmanis (Cows / Melvins / Tomahawk) covering the bass playing and some of the song writing duties. It's definitely different and the songs and styles are all over the place (which is a good thing). I hear King Missile and even The Residents in some of these songs. The more I listen to this the more it's growing on me (which in past experiences means that this will probably be one of my favorites with more listens). "Follow Me" being their debut LP on Amrep came out Jan of 2013 and have since put another LP out "Gettin It On". I've heard they are amazing live from a few friends in California who have seen them a couple of times. You can preview this on their bandcamp page and see if it's your cup o' tea. It's mine and me likey!! - Slander


GeorgCracked said...

you say amrep, I say instant download


Anonymous said...

i didnt know amrep was still functioning as a label putting out new music. i need to see that amrep documentary asap.

Slander Bob said...

Seek out HazeXXL on Facebook :

and here is the Am-rep link...

There is a short doc on YouTube about him as well - Slamder

Chris Rawk said...

@anonymous... Shit yeah AmRep is still at it. Just got not one, but 2 copies of the Melvins Bride Of Crankenstein at the Portland, OR showing of THE COLOR OF NOISE, the AmRep documentary. Good times!

Slander Bob said...

Sell me one!!

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