Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spore - Complete Disography

Label : Taang
Year : 93-34

SPORE were one of my favorite bands to go out and see live. In the early 90's I was very active in playing music, booking bands, setting up shows, putting up bands, and touring. I got to meet and sometimes hang out afterwards with bands on tour. I would almost always put up out of town bands when they needed a place to stay. SPORE being one of many bands, but I lucked out and got to play a few shows with them and even ran into them while out on the road as well. They were always great to hook up with, and for a minute there it looked like they may have been getting signed. I remember one of them telling me about how one of their songs was going to be in a movie directed by Oliver Stone and written by Quentin Tarratino called "Natural Born Killers". I was so happy for them.. The song "Fun" made it into the film, it's in the part where Julliette Lewis is behind bars and starts beating the shit out of Tom Sizemore. Sadly it didn't make it onto the soundtrack (which it should have.. fuckers!!).. well it never happend for them, and they just went away. 

I always thought SPORE was what the band "X" (the Los Angeles one) would sound like if they decided one day they wanted to be Sonic Youth. The male / female vocals being the "X" reference ( she sounds a lot like Excene at times) and the noisey feedbacking song writing structure being the "Sonic Youth" reference.

This is both LP's plus a their version of  "The Beatles" I Wan't You (She's So Heavy) which apperared on a 12" ep they put out between records and that being the only song that wasn't on either of these lps.


Anonymous said...

oh man what a great band. i grew up in boston when they were in their heyday and they were great to see live. that whole period of time was great with bands like kudgel,luca brasi, madbox, black helicoptors, green magnet school, slughog, even sam black church.

Slander Bob said...

Nice!! lol.... even Sam Black Church. I'm gonna have to contact whoever is running that Spore Bandcamp page, I wonder if they will remember me. Great people, Great band.

Sam Black Church's cover songs were the best.

Anonymous said...

Looks like its a shitty jam band called S.P.O.R.E. on the 28th, not the good noise rock band. dammit

Slander Bob said...

It's on the Spore bandcamp page. I wonder why it's on there. I will investigate.. ( I thought that was weird, being in Florida, when they are from Boston).

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